From the basic A B C to advanced language use, Ireland House's engaging native English speakers will guide you to fluency and accuracy.

Courses run on a four-week basis. Register for a course and sit a free placement exam.


Improve your fluency and accuracy in the more advanced and nuanced elements of the English language.

Learn how to research and write academic style papers, or build better business communication.

Candidates must have a B1 CEFR English language level.

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5 week duration

Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays

6:30 to 8:30pm

Week 1: Listening 
Week 2: Speaking 
Week 3: Reading 
Week 4: Writing 
Week 5: Practice Exams


10-16YR OLDS

In Arabic KATTAKEET is an endearing term for children meaning baby chicken.

Our Young Learners Programme is specifically designed for 10-16yr olds and offers
a rolling 4 week course English

language through fun and interactive classroom activities.

It is designed to help your young ones learn a new language or master it.

Details for the KATTAKEET programme are as follows:

Monday & Wednesday

4.30 to 6.30 pm
2 days p/w for 4 weeks
(additional top up courses available)
Total 16hrs


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A Unique Educational Program In Muscat

The course will work on to:

  • Develop preliminary writing and reading skills 
  • Improve voice awareness and ability to recognize and integrate words
  • Acquire an understanding of basic classroom rules and strategies
  • Learn to  adapt to the first-grade environment
  • Prepare to perform tasks individually, and in a group
  • Strengthen the ability to listen and focus